New Year, New Life, Same dedication


It’s been for quite some time since my last post. Much has happen since late 2014.

In the last 18 months:

  • Founded the ISCTE ACM Student Chapter
  • Became Vice Chair of the Chapter
  • Became Chairman of the Chapter
  • Finish all my masters courses
  • Start my thesis
  • Organised  and co-organised almost 50 technological events
  • Hosted everyone of them
  • Became Event Liaison at Comunidade Netponto
  • Change job twice
  • Received over 30 job proposals
  • Developed a social project
  • Finish two job project, currently surviving in third
  • Speaker at two conference sessions
  • Meet great people
  • Had lots of fun

Now at the beginning of 2016 my goals are more challenging, more bold and daring.

This year my top priority is finish my thesis. It’s a great project, something that I had in mind for some years and with the support of my family, friends and my college thesis supervisor, I took a change and gave the step forward. But in my thesis diary you should know what all is about.

Although my thesis is priority 1, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I also have some activities scheduled. I’ll be speaker of one or two conferences sessions, I’ll write one or two scientific papers, I’ll propose a RFC, I’ll co-organise few technological events.

After all this, what i’ll do? Well, relaxe is out of the equation 🙂

meet you soon!


Connect to MS Dynamics CRM


In the next session of SmartTalks will be about CRM and a couple suprises. Don’t miss it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Know more about QuidGest Genio and Code Generation


The technology is out over 20 years and people still don’t know how to use it. Automatic code generation frameworks are gaining fans over the world. Next Wednesday Antonio Lourenço will talks to us about the advantages and challenges.

Register today. 

It’s tomorrow …

… the first event about technology that will happen at ISCTE. Don’t miss your spot.

Smart talks: Save your seat


Save your seat because it’s highly recommended 🙂

Check ours scheduled events and register at:

Source Code Licensing

As member of the board of ISCTE ACM Student Chapter, we promote all kinds of technical software. For some time I’m seeking a special kind of session: Source Code Licensing.

What this is? Well, someone to elucidate all of us about the kind of licenses we could apply to “our” source code, the differences between them, what are opensource, proprietary and commercial licenses, which we should apply, the rights, the obligations, etc.

Can you help us? Do you know someone that would like to talk about it?

Contact us through Facebook, our email, through our member, pigeons

ISCTE ACM Student Chapter Post:

Smart Talks [in portuguese]

Já temos datas para os eventos, mas aguardamos confirmação de alguns aspectos logísticos para publicarmos td , mas queremos já anunciar o que podem ver nas próximas edições:
Ubuntu Touch
Managed Extensibility Framework

e a lista a crescer.

Mas isto só é possível com a tua colaboração. Junta-te a nós e vem apresentar tu também um tema, ou tens um amigo ou amiga que percebe a potes de uma área de desenvolvimento, de Inteligência Artificial, Big Data, SQL, etc, etc, etc não te acanhes “We give you the floor”