Connect to MS Dynamics CRM

In the next session of SmartTalks will be about CRM and a couple suprises. Don’t miss it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Know more about QuidGest Genio and Code Generation

The technology is out over 20 years and people still don’t know how to use it. Automatic code generation frameworks are gaining fans over the world. Next Wednesday Antonio Lourenço will talks to us about the advantages and challenges.

Register today. 

It’s tomorrow …

… the first event about technology that will happen at ISCTE. Don’t miss your spot.

Smart talks: Save your seat


Save your seat because it’s highly recommended 🙂

Check ours scheduled events and register at:

Source Code Licensing

As member of the board of ISCTE ACM Student Chapter, we promote all kinds of technical software. For some time I’m seeking a special kind of session: Source Code Licensing.

What this is? Well, someone to elucidate all of us about the kind of licenses we could apply to “our” source code, the differences between them, what are opensource, proprietary and commercial licenses, which we should apply, the rights, the obligations, etc.

Can you help us? Do you know someone that would like to talk about it?

Contact us through Facebook, our email, through our member, pigeons

ISCTE ACM Student Chapter Post:

Smart Talks [in portuguese]

Já temos datas para os eventos, mas aguardamos confirmação de alguns aspectos logísticos para publicarmos td , mas queremos já anunciar o que podem ver nas próximas edições:
Ubuntu Touch
Managed Extensibility Framework

e a lista a crescer.

Mas isto só é possível com a tua colaboração. Junta-te a nós e vem apresentar tu também um tema, ou tens um amigo ou amiga que percebe a potes de uma área de desenvolvimento, de Inteligência Artificial, Big Data, SQL, etc, etc, etc não te acanhes “We give you the floor”

“Smart Talks”: Call for Speakers

“Smart Talks” Call for Speakers

As member of the board of ISCTE-IUL ACM Student Chapter (IIASC), I’m promoting our latest initiative.

“Smart Talks” is a weekly event (starting very soon), that happens every Wednesday after work at ISCTE-IUL and has the goal of sharing of Computer Science technologies and fields of study knowledge between members of the community, not only the student community but also professionals how are curious and would like to learn or refresh some ideas.

The event will be free of charge, open to general public and will have registration for logistics and statistics purpose.

In 90m the speaker will talk, demonstrate, show some aspects of the subject, answer questions in great relaxed environment, promoting networking and who knows help in new jobs opportunities.

The subjects are always related to Computer Science and may be focus in some general aspects or even into specific ones. They are spoken from the community to the community.

We are searching for speaker that would love to join us in this project and leave their footprint in the community.

Our Contacts:
Site: (under construction)
Twitter: @iscte_acm_st_ch
Office: ISCTE – Building 2, Floor 0, Adetti office

or contact any of the board members.

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