The show must go on…

Nuno Cancelo

Last article I give you a small taste of I have been doing for the last 18 months. Today I’m going to itemise my activities for the same period. Why, may you ask? Well, it’s not to promote me, but to promote the events and communities that I have been involved with.

Let me begin 🙂

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NVelocity presentation @Netponto

Hi folks,

Long time since last time :P, lot of work, little time to play and develop new projects. But nevertheless i have found some time to share some knowledge with the community.

My first presentation to a technical audience was a few weeks ago at Netponto and i talk about NVelocity, a template engine framework ported from Apache Project. The presentation is in Portuguese (kind of :P), sorry non-tuga guys, and you can laugh about it on youtube.

You can find the documentation (also on Portuguese) and code source in github.


Good templating…..



Project Send-My-Mail: Day 2

Hi Folks,

The past two hours were strictly coding in the project. According to github “9 changed files with 465 additions and 0 deletions“. Time goes by when you having fun :P.

What was made? Well, only model classes were developed. In order to be able to use one test application i had first to implement some Entities to represent data. So each section of an generic email had to be represented.

Tomorrow i’ll work in the real worker classes to iterate over the contact list   and  send the email.

It’s some what relevant to inform that i will use the javamail API (  to send the email.

After this task, there are some unity testing to be made. Once it’s done, stage one is done.

Stage two? Develop an  Console Application || Graphic User Interface || Web Site(Spring MVC) that use this small utility library, as an actual application.

Stage three and four !? Well, Migrate the Application to C# and do the same 🙂

See you soon…

The Final College Project

As the end of college comes near, i (we) have to develop a project to finish.

We decided, a few moths ago, to develop an eclipse plugin to use the java card development kit. Because we believe knowledge should be shared, our project is licensed as GNU GPL v3.

I leave our project site with the wish of give news as soon as possible and hope the you help us spread the word.