I was missing but I didn’t desapeared…

It has been a while since my last post, since the beginning of 2016, and you may had miss me or strange my absent. Well, I have been quite busy for the last 18 months with community projects, personal projects, academic projects, professional projects and, most important, provide my wife  the attention the she deserve.

I have been around, posting on Facebook and Linkedin, tweeting on Twitter for most of my activities, but I didn’t had a change, until recently, to provide on more post here. Just to tell that i’m not “dead” and to tell what I have been doing.

I’m still with Comunidade Netponto as Developer Evangelist and helped by  organising  around a 12 monthly community events in Lisbon and Visual Studio 2017 Launch Party last April. Guys, is not easy to find willing speakers to talk :), it is really hard work.

In the first semester of 2016, I helped Comunidade ITPRO Portugal kicking off but due excess of parallel projects I had to step down.

For the ones that know me well, it came with no surprise, but the second trimester of the year is the busiest for me, having events almost every week and not all events are half-day at Saturday but some with larger impact with two and three days long. So last year it was no different:

Organised Arduino Day 2016 (AKA Genuino Day) in March, was volunteer at IoT Summit in beginning of May and volunteer at TugaIT 2016 few days later. Along with this events, I also keep up the work with Comunidade Netponto.

Second semester is a calm, the only events I work is with Comunidade Netponto. 🙂

In December, I start working with Revista Programar, beginning the  first of several published articles along the last six months. I can tell you this, is not easy to write articles or event find experts willing to contribute to this community. I hard, but I keep trying.

2017 begin, and new life with it. So I left my previous company and founded my own, Fundisk Entertainment, and although is hard and complex, it was the best move I made after marrying my wife. Until now, everything is going fine but I’m working to be going great. 😛

After three years organising Arduino Day, this year I chose to give a chance to another community to go ahead with this challenge. With one less event to manage, it came great opportunities.

I was invited to speak at Programar Saturday 2017, where I presented “Managing your Project Code Quality), and introduced SonarQube on Docker. It was great, it has been a while since I spoke at an audience and felt great to come back.

I was community leader with Development Track on Tuga IT 2017, representing Comunidade Netponto on the event. It was a great experience, met great people around the world, shared experiences and great feedback. This is why I love community events, is not about selling, is about sharing knowledge and experience.

MainHub organised IoT Summit 2017, and this time helped in the organisation. Different experience, but just equally rewarding. It was great.

For those who are out of context of community events, I can tell you that organising these events, thinking about every aspect of the event so everything goes well, communicating with speakers, partners, sponsors, etc, it takes time, too much time. I can go bold and say, it’s a full time job, and is very important to me that the attendance feels reward with the event. I say this to many time: We are not a community, we are a family. 🙂

You may notice, or not, that all theses events are hosted at Microsoft Lisbon Experience  in Expo/Lisbon, and I appreciate the support of Microsoft  and other partner that make these events possible. These location has another plus for me: I can review friends of mine that are working there, some of them joke around by saying that I spent more time at the building than them …. And they work there. lol.

The last 18 months have been fun and I can’t wait for the next ones….


BTW, for those who are enquiring ….. Yes, I have a day job 🙂


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