Yes, one more stage completed

In the last five years, i worked hard to complete my Computer Science Engineer Graduation. It was five years working eight/ten hours a day in my daily job, plus going to school and going to classes for more six hours and doing the school project.
During five years i had more work, more stress, more exams, less sleep (much less sleep), less family time, less everything.
After all this time, it was worthy.
Monday, 24th of September of 2012 at 10:35 PM, this stage has ended. I’m now an Graduate in Computer Science Engineering. I’m an Engineer!!!!
Now that this goal is reached, after all the 5 minutes of glory an emptiness fullfill my soul. And now what!?
Now, i’m going to the next stage: Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering…. Two more years of College 😛


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