Project Send-My-Mail: Day 4

Greetings Folks,

After some days of complete laziness I went back to work.

For some weird reason the code was exactly has I left him, :-), so I start the next step of the development was ….


Yes, this beast of development. But I wasn’t afraid. I respected the beast and I went back to work.  Fortunately, i only had to do functionality tests to a few classes, and correct some conceptual bugs in them.

For now the “library” serves the committed purpose. For a list of contacts, send each one of them an email with a set of attachments.

Next step:

Review the code, remove redundant code. Tweaking a little more the code. And last, but not least, export the library with all its dependencies and make an use case to test the library.

I Know i promised some diagram of the project. Don’t worry, it isn’t forgotten, but requires some time to do it right.

I’ll keep it in touch,


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