Project Send-My-Mail: Day 3

Yes, it’s a fact. Yesterday i didn’t do nothing…

But today i worked for both days. I finished developing the classes to send the email with attachments.

The application is not yet finished, still missing the unity test to approve all classes but looks good. Another thing i have to do is re-factor some packages, because some classes deserve to have their own package because they have one specific functionality, this is the case of the and

Another re-factor to be done is at I’ll annotate  the class and methods with JAXB annotations, so it could be easier to save to/read from xml files with a given structure. This is helpful if we like to provide an pre-build xml final, instead of adding the contacts by hand.

Next week, after the successful unity testing, i’ll provide the current simplified UML diagram and one potential application example of the small, limited library.

Until then, you could step  by the github repository e checkout the project.

Have a nice weekend! 🙂


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