Project Send-My-Mail: Day 2

Hi Folks,

The past two hours were strictly coding in the project. According to github “9 changed files with 465 additions and 0 deletions“. Time goes by when you having fun :P.

What was made? Well, only model classes were developed. In order to be able to use one test application i had first to implement some Entities to represent data. So each section of an generic email had to be represented.

Tomorrow i’ll work in the real worker classes to iterate over the contact list   and  send the email.

It’s some what relevant to inform that i will use the javamail API (  to send the email.

After this task, there are some unity testing to be made. Once it’s done, stage one is done.

Stage two? Develop an  Console Application || Graphic User Interface || Web Site(Spring MVC) that use this small utility library, as an actual application.

Stage three and four !? Well, Migrate the Application to C# and do the same 🙂

See you soon…


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