New Simple Project: Send-My-Mail

This new project has one simple idea: Send an email (text + attachments) for each contact of an contact list, instead sending to all at the same time.

One useful application is this study case:

One student is an college bachelor finalist at computer science engineering (that is also why this application is been made, because the student knows how to develop it 🙂 ) and is searching for a job to apply his knowledge. So he send one email, the same email with his curriculum vitae in attach, to XX recruitment companies and  recruiters. This job is very, very, very boring and copy/paste email, usually comes with errors. So it would help this student, to send an “personalized” email for each member of a given contact list.

This picture shows how the flow of the project. There is an Application Front-End which is the View Layer, and at background use this “framework” to send capability.

The project will be develop in Java. The front-end could be an console application, an gui stand-alone application or even an web site using Spring MVC 3. There are some issues regarding finding an free web host with TOMCAT, but i’ll see this when develop the front-end.

project Send My Mail Abstract Diagram

Send My Mail Abstract Diagram

Once again this project is licensed under GNU GPL 3 .

The project repository is hosted in github and the link is:

I’m hope that very soon i’ll provide some feedback of this project.


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