72ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa [Portuguese Content]


No dia 2017-07-29 será realizada a 72ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa. Para participar, efectue o registo de acordo com as instruções abaixo.


09:45 – Recepção dos participantes
10:00 – Add Cognitive Intelligence to your Code – NLP on top of Microsoft Cognitive Services – Marco Antonio Silva [MSFT]


One of the key subject that everyone is talking about is AI and how you must include it in your business. The truth is, today it’s really easy to have a more intelligent app or service without having to know a lot about AI. On that note I’ll be showing you the Microsoft Cognitive Services Portfolio Hand-on. The focus of this talk will be around Natural Language Processing (meaning Text To Speech, Speech to Text and Natural Language Understanding). The goal will be to program a voice interactive assistant that could run on any device that is internet connected and has a Microphone and a Speaker, I’ll be using a Raspberry pi for this. Come learn how easy it is to build this scenario and have an overview of the remaining services made available from Microsoft Cognitive Services portfolio.

11:30 – Intervalo
12:00 – Xunit and the temple of QA – Bruno Lopes


Porque é que testamos o nosso software? Se eu quiser que o código que faço não quebra código antigo, preciso de testar o meu software todo quando faço uma alteração.Mas isso seria de doidos, não seria? Se calhar, se houver umas coisas que são capazes de testar e re-testar o meu software, eu podia ensinar-las a testar, enquanto eu vou fazendo mais código e mais funcionalidades e melhorar o que já tenho!Nesta sessão vamos olhar para a piramide de testes, cortar-lhe o topo de UI e ver como é que podemos usar Xunit para implementar os nossos testes automáticos, e como é que conseguimos correr estes testes.Uma breve intro sobre testes automáticos, e de seguida demos demos demos, de como usar Xunit 2.2.0, com contextos, factos, teorias, coleções, dados, disposables e excel. Sim, Excel.
Vamos também ver de relance para algumas ferramentas auxiliares como Moq e Shoudly para ajudar na construção dos nossos testes.
13:30 – Painel de Discussão e Sorteio de Prémios

Registo / Inscrição

Para participar, basta efectuar a inscrição através do site:

A entrada é gratuita.

The show must go on…

Last article I give you a small taste of I have been doing for the last 18 months. Today I’m going to itemise my activities for the same period. Why, may you ask? Well, it’s not to promote me, but to promote the events and communities that I have been involved with.

Let me begin 🙂


I have been done lot of “spam” in social networks:






 Comunidade IT PRO Portugal

  • 1º Encontro da Comunidade IT Pro Portugal
  • 2º Encontro da Comunidade IT Pro Portugal
  • 3º Encontro da Comunidade IT Pro Portugal
  • 4º Encontro da Comunidade IT Pro Portugal

 IoTSummit 2017: http://www.iotsummit.pt

 TugaIT 2017 – Programming Track


  • Visual Studio Code
    • Kris van der Mast
  • Building a Web API with .NET Core
    • Tomasso Groenendijk
  • Apps, functions and Webjobs
    • Steef-Jan Wiggers
  • Why you want to consider Angular for your next web or mobile project
    • Peter Bouda
  • A year of SonarQube and TFS/VSTS: ten tips from the real world –
    • Matteo Emili
  • Bot Framework
    • Kris van der Mast
  • Mixed Architecture
    • Andrea Francesco Giunta
  • The Outsystems R&D Continuous Delivery Journey
    • Diogo Oliveira
  • Make Continuous Delivery work for middle management – its not black magic
    • Matteo Emili
  • Whats new in C# 7
    • Paulo Morgado
  • Build automation? Its a piece of cake
    • Guilherme Ferreira

Comunidade Netponto: http://netponto.org/

  • 59ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Automatização no desenvolvimento Web com Gulpjs – Ricardo Costa
    • (Un)process or the truth about functional analysis – Sofia Azevedo
  • 60ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Creating a Rocking Development Environment in 60 Minutes with
      Microsoft Team Services and Azure – Tiago Costa
    • Relax, it’s SPA time – Mónica Rodrigues
  • 61ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Live Troubleshooting & Debugging – Luis Lopes [MSFT]
    • Docker 101 – Virgílio Esteves [MVP]
  • 62ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Trazer clareza ao feedback loop numa organização, ou até mesmo numa equipa – Rodrigo Dias
    • An hitchhiker’s guide to performance testing – Joana Carvalho
  • 63ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Perfect Match – NodeJs & Typescript – Marco Talento
    • Visual Studio Release Management – Tiago Pascoal [MVP]
  • 64ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Como o Redis pode melhorar a performance? – Nuno Caneco
    • Event driven applications com Azure Functions – Ricardo Costa
  • 65ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Cake tasting – Luis Gonçalves
    • SQL Database for Developers, match made in the cloud – Vitor Tomaz
  • 66ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Microsoft Cognitive Services, como estender as nossas aplicações utilizando serviços “inteligentes” – Pedro Rosa
    • ‘Eventing’ the World – Padrões e Infra-estruturas. – Vítor Paulino
  • 67ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Angular2 Hello World – Vitor Fernandes
    • .NET Apps – Software Development Lifecycle – Caio Proiete [MVP] e Bruno Lopes [MVP]
  • 68ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Release management com Powershell DSC – Rui Melo [MSFT]
    • Search-as- a-Service: Amazon AWS vs Microsoft Azure – Pedro Vala
  • Visual Studio 2017 Launch Party
    • workshop ASP.Core && Docker – Virgilio Esteves
    • VSTS and DevOps – Tiago Pascoal
    • VS 2017 New Features – Paulo Morgado
    • Visual Studio 2017 Productivity – Pedro Rosa
    • Visual Studio Mobile Center – António Lourenço
  • 70ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Testando aplicações usando Specflow & Gherkin + Selenium. – Glauco Godoi
    • Paket – Pedro Félix
  • 71ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa
    • Add Cognitive Intelligence to your Code – NLP on top of Microsoft Cognitive Services – Marco Antonio Silva [MSFT]
    • Xunit and the temple of QA – Bruno Lopes [MVP]


 Revista Programar



 Programar Saturday

  • “Managing your Project Code Quality”, session about SonarQube in a Docker Container.


As you may see, it was a very busy months :), and yes… I have a day job. 😉


I was missing but I didn’t desapeared…

It has been a while since my last post, since the beginning of 2016, and you may had miss me or strange my absent. Well, I have been quite busy for the last 18 months with community projects, personal projects, academic projects, professional projects and, most important, provide my wife  the attention the she deserve.

I have been around, posting on Facebook and Linkedin, tweeting on Twitter for most of my activities, but I didn’t had a change, until recently, to provide on more post here. Just to tell that i’m not “dead” and to tell what I have been doing.

I’m still with Comunidade Netponto as Developer Evangelist and helped by  organising  around a 12 monthly community events in Lisbon and Visual Studio 2017 Launch Party last April. Guys, is not easy to find willing speakers to talk :), it is really hard work.

In the first semester of 2016, I helped Comunidade ITPRO Portugal kicking off but due excess of parallel projects I had to step down.

For the ones that know me well, it came with no surprise, but the second trimester of the year is the busiest for me, having events almost every week and not all events are half-day at Saturday but some with larger impact with two and three days long. So last year it was no different:

Organised Arduino Day 2016 (AKA Genuino Day) in March, was volunteer at IoT Summit in beginning of May and volunteer at TugaIT 2016 few days later. Along with this events, I also keep up the work with Comunidade Netponto.

Second semester is a calm, the only events I work is with Comunidade Netponto. 🙂

In December, I start working with Revista Programar, beginning the  first of several published articles along the last six months. I can tell you this, is not easy to write articles or event find experts willing to contribute to this community. I hard, but I keep trying.

2017 begin, and new life with it. So I left my previous company and founded my own, Fundisk Entertainment, and although is hard and complex, it was the best move I made after marrying my wife. Until now, everything is going fine but I’m working to be going great. 😛

After three years organising Arduino Day, this year I chose to give a chance to another community to go ahead with this challenge. With one less event to manage, it came great opportunities.

I was invited to speak at Programar Saturday 2017, where I presented “Managing your Project Code Quality), and introduced SonarQube on Docker. It was great, it has been a while since I spoke at an audience and felt great to come back.

I was community leader with Development Track on Tuga IT 2017, representing Comunidade Netponto on the event. It was a great experience, met great people around the world, shared experiences and great feedback. This is why I love community events, is not about selling, is about sharing knowledge and experience.

MainHub organised IoT Summit 2017, and this time helped in the organisation. Different experience, but just equally rewarding. It was great.

For those who are out of context of community events, I can tell you that organising these events, thinking about every aspect of the event so everything goes well, communicating with speakers, partners, sponsors, etc, it takes time, too much time. I can go bold and say, it’s a full time job, and is very important to me that the attendance feels reward with the event. I say this to many time: We are not a community, we are a family. 🙂

You may notice, or not, that all theses events are hosted at Microsoft Lisbon Experience  in Expo/Lisbon, and I appreciate the support of Microsoft  and other partner that make these events possible. These location has another plus for me: I can review friends of mine that are working there, some of them joke around by saying that I spent more time at the building than them …. And they work there. lol.

The last 18 months have been fun and I can’t wait for the next ones….


BTW, for those who are enquiring ….. Yes, I have a day job 🙂

IoT Summit 2016, powered by MainHub

Lisbon will host the Internet of Things 2016, powered by MainHub. This year the event will be hosted at Microsoft Experience Lisbon at May 5th and will have 16 sessions distributed in four tracks: Hardware, Software, Product Design and Business. All you need to pick up your IoT ideas and turn it into a business.

At this event you also have some emerging Portuguese startups in IoT environment.

Don’t miss it and register at:


New Year, New Life, Same dedication


It’s been for quite some time since my last post. Much has happen since late 2014.

In the last 18 months:

  • Founded the ISCTE ACM Student Chapter
  • Became Vice Chair of the Chapter
  • Became Chairman of the Chapter
  • Finish all my masters courses
  • Start my thesis
  • Organised  and co-organised almost 50 technological events
  • Hosted everyone of them
  • Became Event Liaison at Comunidade Netponto
  • Change job twice
  • Received over 30 job proposals
  • Developed a social project
  • Finish two job project, currently surviving in third
  • Speaker at two conference sessions
  • Meet great people
  • Had lots of fun

Now at the beginning of 2016 my goals are more challenging, more bold and daring.

This year my top priority is finish my thesis. It’s a great project, something that I had in mind for some years and with the support of my family, friends and my college thesis supervisor, I took a change and gave the step forward. But in my thesis diary you should know what all is about.

Although my thesis is priority 1, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I also have some activities scheduled. I’ll be speaker of one or two conferences sessions, I’ll write one or two scientific papers, I’ll propose a RFC, I’ll co-organise few technological events.

After all this, what i’ll do? Well, relaxe is out of the equation 🙂

meet you soon!

Connect to MS Dynamics CRM

In the next session of SmartTalks will be about CRM and a couple suprises. Don’t miss it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Know more about QuidGest Genio and Code Generation

The technology is out over 20 years and people still don’t know how to use it. Automatic code generation frameworks are gaining fans over the world. Next Wednesday Antonio Lourenço will talks to us about the advantages and challenges.

Register today. 

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